Youth Executive Message

The mission and ministry of the Oklahoma District Youth Board is to provide Christian support, encouragement and direction to the youth and youth leaders of the churches in our District. Our annual District youth gatherings are "Joy" for 6th-8th grade students at Camp Lutherhoma in Tahlequah, OK and "Ok'd in Christ" for 9th-12th grade students at varying locations throughout the state. Our newest endeavor is C.L.A.S.S.- the Concordia Leadership and Service Summit in conjunction with Concordia University-Nebraska. We also support congregations as they participate in other special youth conferences and events such as the LCMS National Youth Gathering and Higher Things. Regional events are sponsored by local congregations and may be at different times throughout the year. 

Congregations without professional staff for their youth ministry can reach out anytime they are in need of assistance with planning or attending an activity. We highly encourage smaller congregations to partner together when sending groups to activities or events to help with  transportation and chaperone costs. Please, always feel free to reach out with any questions!


Suzanne Watt, DCE

Oklahoma District Youth Executive