Redeemer Lutheran, Claremore, Partners with First Christian Church to Provide Friendship Feasts
March 10, 2021, 12:00 AM

Redeemer Lutheran Church, Claremore, provides, prepares and serves the Friendship Feast the second Monday of each month, while First Christian Church, Claremore, handles the meals on the other weeks. The Friendship Feast is a free hot meal provided by a team of volunteer cooks and servers. This successful ministry, hosted by First Christian, meets the needs of those in need of a good meal and neighbors in need of fellowship. The first Friendship Feast was served in January of 2011. Depending on the particular Monday, a small team of volunteers can serve upwards of 100 or more people.

During the pandemic, the meals have been carry-out only, but all are looking forward to the time when they can convene inside again for welcoming hugs, handshakes and smiles. Leftover food, if any, is donated to a local shelter. The photos below show members of Redeemer Lutheran Church working on the March 8th Friendship Feast.