Give Thanks by Graciously Sharing your Faith in Christ
November 20, 2021, 3:00 PM

Every year many people celebrate Thanksgiving Day, and giving thanks seems to be the reason for gathering together, but it seems that reason for gathering quickly fades after a few hours of eating and conversing about sports or school, work or one’s well-being. Many believe that God gives them everything they need, but for some reason the message we often share after that one day of being grateful doesn’t always include God’s benevolence. Maybe our lack of desire to thank God daily for all He created is the same reason for our laziness when it comes to sharing the Good News and for the new life we have through Christ.

Could it be laziness or an ingratitude that causes a growing number of Christians to not see their role or responsibility to share the good news of how Christ rescued them from sin and Satan? Not too long ago, Barna (who partnered with Lutheran Hour Ministries) reported that in 1993, nine out of 10 Christians (89%) who had shared their faith agreed that “Every Christian has a responsibility to share their faith.” Today, just two-thirds (64%) say that, a 25-point drop.

So, what’s happening today? Why are Christians so reluctant to talk about their faith? Are people today less interested in religion and sharing their faith in Christ? Or are people too busy with the day to day family activities of job, kids, sports, money, weather, and what to watch on Hulu? None of that kind of busyness is bad, but the unfortunate reality is that most adults don’t seem to connect their everyday experiences with their faith. Or, at least, they aren’t talking about it if they do.

So, what is a Christian (even a Church Worker) to do? Will investing the resources a church has or that you have enable those willing to follow Christ with confidence get them beyond the barriers of work, school, money, and available time be worth it? How can the connections between our everyday life and sustaining one’s faith in Christ be made when we are plagued with fears and our inadequacy to share the gospel?

After saying that, I want to remind you that God outfits each of us with the ability to witness and even a preferred witnessing style. The parable of the talents (Matthew 25:14-30) reveal that talents used are talents multiplied, and talents squandered are talents lost. Therefore, practicing the witnessing style God entrusts to you, He will graciously add to your way of telling as He improves your abilities, and every once in awhile the Holy Spirit will get you out of your comfort zone and cause you to interact with someone you wouldn’t if it was left up to you.

I discovered the following ways to witness from reading articles about being thankful and sharing your faith in Christ; and because of them, I ask you to read the following list, consider it, and listen to God as He enables you to share your faith in Christ.

Pray for others, pray for the salvation of a friend, family member, or acquaintance.

Be a friend, begin a relationship that can eventually become a tool to communicate the gospel.

Serve others, demonstrate God’s love by doing acts of service with no strings attached.

Go and Tell, casually converse with others as you share your own personal stories about the great things God has done in your life or just talk and listen and speak the truth.

Invite with no strings attached, ask family, friends, and acquaintances to social events, seminars, service projects, spiritual events where the gospel and its truth are introduces.

Proclaim what you believe, declare what you believe to absolutely true about God and His authority and the grace in a non-judgmental way.

We are in a season of giving thanks and telling others why we are thankful, but many people today have a ‘buyer beware’ attitude when it comes to talking about God or going to Church or listening to the Gospel. Many find having a religious conversation unacceptable. So how does someone ‘Give Thanks by Graciously Sharing their Faith in Christ’? My thoughts are: be in the Word, don’t just rely on your human understanding, and give thanks for those nudges of the Holy Spirit to get out of your comfort zone.

Rev. Dwayne Schroeder

Evangelism Secretary of the Oklahoma District