Everyone His Witness Update
February 13, 2000, 12:00 AM

One His Witness (E1HW) is an evangelism tool that teaches how to use the LASSIE approach. This LASSIE approach is not a series of steps to follow, it’s a way to intentionally share the ‘Good News’ to those you already have a relationship with at work or school, at a recreational or retirement activity, or during some everyday event. E1HW begins with a workshop through which you learn about Listening and how to Ask questions that allows participants to Seek opportunities where they can Share what Christ has done in their lives, and then Invite their new friend to continue a relationship with Jesus and Encourage him/her to follow Christ.

A large group to whom we can be a witness is the ‘De-churched’. The De-churched are men and women around and among us who once had a connection to the church but are now disconnected. Many De-churched became disconnected because something or someone turned them away from God and the church. Because God wants an ongoing relationship with those created in His image, we have been called to go among the lost and erring with ‘good news’ so that they can be restored to a right relationship with God.

Barna research has reported that 34% of those disconnected from the church visit once every six months or less, which means that many people are no longer C & E Christians, which means many people do not truly know the One who saved them from sin and Satan. God has called all of us (everyone) to be a witness for Christ. Check out the ‘Everyone His Witness’ website (everyonehiswitness.org).

[Those who have participated in a Core Module Workshop, who received a registration code for login, can watch and learn more from E1HW Context Modules.]

If you have any questions, please call Pastor Schroeder at 405-306-2007 and continue to pray as we (the body of believers) work together to rob hell and populate heaven.