Dear Pastors and Parents of College Students attending the University of Oklahoma in Norman,

The first day of Fall classes at many universities and colleges in Oklahoma is fast approaching.  

Move-in day is an exciting time to get settled into a new home with new friends. It's also an exciting opportunity to get settled into a new church home. Most of you also know, the young adult years are also a time when the dangers of the devil, the world and our sinful nature are strong. College can be a lonely time for many young people.

"College is tough. Students need Jesus. We can help."

Our Christian faith is strengthened by God’s Word and Sacrament and the fellowship of new Lutheran friends.

Download and read the attached brochure about the LCMS U chapter at the University of Oklahoma in Norman.

Forward this email to the parents in your congregation, so they can respond and send us their student's contact information.

God’s blessings to all of us in the body of Christ!


Student's name: _______________

Cell number: _______________

Email address: _______________


Send an email to:


For more information, click here:

LCMS U at OU Facebook

LCMS U at OU Website

Download LCMS U at OU Brochure


Pastor David Nehrenz

Vicar James Bruss

LCMS U at the University of Oklahoma in Norman


Trinity Lutheran Church

Church: (405) 321-3443

Cell: (405) 429-9327