Spring Force at Camp Lutherhoma
February 3, 2021, 3:00 PM

Your church’s youth are invited to attend Spring Force at Camp Lutherhoma, March 19-21, 2021. Due to Covid-19 we canceled our usual Fall Force event and rescheduled for the spring! Spring Force is a weekend retreat designed for the children 8-12 years old in your Sunday School classes and communities! We hope this retreat will be a blessing to the younger youth and families in your congregation and community.


Ages: 8-12 years old (youth leaders or parents are welcome to attend).

Price: $130 per youth, adults are free!

Lodging: Youth stay with camp counselors in the bunk cabins, six kids per cabin. Adults stay in the retreat cabins.

This year we will continue to practice the COVID safety policies and procedures that we developed for our summer 2020 sessions and recent retreats. We will do our best to keep all participants safe and healthy during their time at camp.

See the documents below for more information or go to www.lutherhoma.com!

Erin Busch

Program Director

Camp Lutherhoma

Spring Force 2021 Cover Letter

Spring Force 2021 Poster


Spring Force 2021 Registration Materials